Plant calibrations

Thanks to our flexible water calibration system we calibrate nominal widths of 2.5mm to 200mm at two different levels of accuracy. We issue dedicated plant certificates to completely reproduce each individual measurement and its results as well as the measuring conditions.

DKD/DAkkS calibrations


Rota Yokogawa was amongst the world's first flow rate calibration laboratories with DKD accreditation spanning over 25 years. Accuracy and traceability have always been our top priorities – long before the general introduction of ISO 9000. All calibration equipment is based on national German standards or directives by equivalent EU authorities. This has been providing our customers with the ability to compare results and benefit from their measuring equipment for many years.

Collaboration with partners

Should your requirements ever exceed our possibilities, we know just the specialists to contact. Selected calibration laboratories add to our company's own portfolio. It goes without saying that we also permanently continue to develop our range of services to offer you the widest possible range of calibrations. Making you happy is our objective!


Calibration service - key data